Stepped out of my apartment and these two baby ravens were just sitting there right next to my front door. One active in the forefront, the other calm, composed in the back. I stopped short, then looked up and saw a man dressed exactly as I was dressed standing on the corner watching the birds. We both stood there for about 20 minutes. At first I thought he wasn’t real, like an apparition in the rain. But then he came and told me that he was waiting for the birds to cross the street back to their nest. Didn’t want a car to hit them. He knew a lot about ravens, said they’re as smart as chimpanzees. At first I didn’t tell him that when my husband died this year, a psychic told me that he would come to me in the form of a raven. But then I did tell him, I’m embarrassed to say. He clearly was a person of science. And I probably seemed insane. But it was just so strange to me, the way there were two, the way they were right outside the door….I think when you grieve, you can sometimes feel desperate for any sign of what’s been lost. The man was kind. Later that day, I saw that the birds had crossed safely.

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