Dreamtime in Iceland

The sun doesn’t rise up in the morning and set in the evening here. It moves sideways across the sky, hovering close to the horizon throughout the day. It keeps you teetering between wakefulness and sleep. Dreamtime. It’s how I feel in my body these days, half-awake, half-asleep, hovering like the sun, moving sideways instead of up and down like I did when I was younger. Steady. I’m trying to hike before more snow and ice come and the mountains will be off-limits. The light holds you in a gentleness, allowing for how you’ve slowed down, but the terrain pushes … Continue reading Dreamtime in Iceland


I was invited to be a writer-in-residence at NES in Skagaströnd, Iceland for the month. So right now I’m living at the base of the mountain, Spákonufell. It’s stunning. How I got here: I took an overnight flight from Boston, landed in Reykjavík at 6AM and stayed put for two nights, acclimating to (and reveling in) the intense wind, traveling alone again, the dramatic approach of darkness, the dwindling of light and the escape from so much day. I did the things I love to do in cities: WALK, take pictures of streets and buildings, talk to strangers, WALK, eat new kinds … Continue reading Spákonufell