Foss and Moss Puppet Theatre of the Absurd Poetry Project


In 2016, I traveled with the Slovene Literary Council from Ljubljana to the Czech-Slovene Poetry Festival in Prague. We met with the Slovenian Ambassador, Leon Marc, to discuss literary exchanges between Slovenia and Czechia. Later, the conversation turned transatlantic as we discussed literary collaboration with the U.S. as well.

An offering that has come out of some of those conversations is a collaborative Central European-American 10-day writing residency in the Karst Region of Slovenia, which will be starting up again soon. This region is in the heart of Central Europe, sitting at a crossroad between Mediterranean and Balkan culture, encompassing three ancient traditions: Romance, Germanic and Slavic.

Below is our website. We’re working out details about what the residency will look like in a post-covid world. Stay tuned…..