Foss & Moss Puppet Theatre

Foss and Moss Puppet Theatre of the Absurd. A poetry project.

In the summer of 2021, I created The Foss and Moss Puppet Theatre of the Absurd in Skagaströnd, Iceland to support a new collection of poetry I am working on. I cultivated stanzas by utilizing textiles, such as Icelandic wool roving, to create individual puppets who represent ideas and characters in my poetry. The intense natural environment of Iceland, the mountains, sea, wind, arctic terns, sheep, horses, unseen elemental beings, and the opposing force—the human being—is fertile ground for a delve into existential questions for my Puppet Theatre of the Absurd Poetry Project. I also began to read and study the fiction of Icelandic writer, Sjón, who inspired me immensely, as well as the poems of Gerður Kristný. I am deeply moved by the imaginative landscape, both in Icelandic literature, as well as out the door on foot, miles and miles of wide expanse. 

I plan to return to Skagaströnd in early 2023 to continue this work against the deeply meditative, dark, winter landscape of North Iceland.