Teaching Statement

I am committed to honoring the inherent intelligence within each individual student. To work out of a methodology that ensures tolerance, respect and inclusion within classroom conversations and activities is of great importance to me. I have a strong anti-racism ethos. I work with a high level of professionalism and ethical collaboration, and am able to balance the needs of my students and needs of the department/school. I am always striving to learn more and be of greater service to my students.


PhD candidate, currently on leave of absence from Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK

MA, liberal arts with a concentration in poetry, Dartmouth College, USA, 2017

MFA, creative writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts, USA, 2013

Elementary Arts Teaching Certificate, Antioch Graduate School, 2004

Studied voice, acting and dance, NYC and LA

In 2015, I received a Fulbright Fellowship from the U.S. State Department in creative writing and literature. This work took me to Slovenia for the academic year (2015-2016), and initiated new collaborations in my work.

*My Fulbright and some of my publications can be found under the name Kelley Mckenna Rossier.

Hometown: Brooklyn, NYC