Love Project

“Jay stood tall and professorial, composed, in the window of the Danish suite, his breathing so shallow, it was almost imperceptible. He wore a mended wool sweater and plain-framed glasses, statements of practicality, Calvinist values on display, pragmatism worn with pride, anti-pretense of any kind. No false selves.”

This collection of prose poems, micro essays and shorts, arranged in a linear timeline, is centered around a forty-something woman who is “swollen with ghosts,” eclipsed by absurdity, and facing the truth of her deeply altered self after loss.


From indie publisher, Arson Press, and introduction by Iztok Osojnik.

“Kelley McKenna’s poetry finds in each word sorts of finishings for shelter around which loss is terminal but temporary.” Peter Money, author of Oh When the Saints

“This book of prose poetry and shorts spans two sides of a river with the reader positioned on the bridge, a place that exists as an in-between. Here we find a text that straddles literary genres. Through micro essays and prose poems, a narrative is formed, marked by a disjointed interiority. This is the state of chaos that is grief. Kelley McKenna finely carves small, precise images which reflect a ruptured sense of selfhood after loss.” Iztok Osojnik, from the introduction

“Kelley McKenna’s account of life with and without her late husband makes reading Cobbled Bridges a wrenching and moving experience…the book’s language and diction are so exquisite and always so perfectly suited to its subject matter… I resort perforce to cliché here, even as I try to match the author’s own eloquence in my praise: Cobbled Bridges is so exquisitely rendered that it brings the reader to tears.” Sydney Lea, Vermont Poet Laureate, 2011-2015

Cover design by John Reinhart.