Happy Thanksgiving from Wales


Most Thanksgivings of my life have happened in New York City. When my children were small, we went to Aunt Katie’s most often. She always had a wide assortment of family and friends and extended family and extended friends. Her generosity usually included people she barely knew. For several Thanksgivings in a row the upstairs neighbor boy and my older daughter played violin duets for us after dinner. Sometimes there were exchange students and one Thanksgiving someone got stuck in the elevator on the way up to her apartment. The relationships of the people who assembled each year have evolved over time, but Aunt Katie’s at Thanksgiving was a staple in our lives.

Today, some of my family is there right now and others are scattered around the globe. Since there is no holiday in the UK today, I had nearly forgotten about the date. But this morning there was the first glimpse of sun this town has seen in a while. It inspired an instantaneous feeling of joy, which I associate heavily to the feeling of gratitude.


So Happy Thanksgiving from Wales~




  1. Hi Kelly. I, too, thank you for your generosity, your equanimity, and your insight. It’s a gift for me to experience Wales vicariously through your magnificent writing and to witness the evolution of your life and your art. May you be blessed this day and always, and may your longtime relationships with family and friends be enhanced with new additions as your journey unfolds. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. Hi Kelly, Thank you for the gift of your beautiful writing. It is lyrical and uplifting- what a great combination!! Your memories of Thanksgivings at your aunt’s are beautiful. Because it works better for my family, we are all gathering here tomorrow. I’m using the gift of today to bake pies, tidy my nest, enjoy a November walk and listen to stories and music. One of my favorite for a day like today is WBUR’s podcast “Kind World” . Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving both today and when you next see your family.

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