Walking and the Druid Sun


I’ve always walked to get thoughts worked out in my mind. Sometimes I like to talk out loud to myself. In the city, New York or Ljubljana, I wore earbuds so it looked like I was on the phone, but really I was trying to verbally parse apart something for myself–a problem that needed resolving. In Vermont I could just speak out loud–no one for miles could hear me. But here in Wales, I find that I don’t have a need to speak when I walk. There is just a kind of quivering silence that creates a meditative space for my thoughts.


I try to keep a good work schedule during the week. I’m not a morning person so I begin my work day around 10:30 by reading–either books for my PhD or academic journal articles. Then I take an hour long break to walk the dog at 1:30. The afternoon is my best writing time. Usually, I work solidly from 2:30-7:30. Then I take the dog for another long walk. Sometimes there are evening events and I have to alter the schedule, but this is what I try to stick to.

The walks I do with Beesly are often the most illuminating times for my thoughts regarding work. That’s why I don’t normally like to walk with other people. The swaths of silence help me to digest what I’ve read or begin to develop new ideas about things.

This time is precious. I’m trying to use it well. I don’t just think about my work when I walk. I think about my life–what it’s been and what I might imagine for the future. With a big birthday pulling me toward its summer arrival, I know that I’ve been rebuilding this year after so much dismantling. It’s an inner cultivation of a new way of being and experiencing the world.

The sea, the air, the land in this quiet place……I could walk for miles and miles. And I do.


But I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks and haven’t been out much. Yesterday was my first day up to the university in a while. You know that feeling after you’ve been sick, when you have short bouts of boundless energy? Well, that’s what tonight was like for me. Beesly and I were practically running to the sea.

I am on ancient Druid land here. There’s a Welsh term associated with today, “Awen,” which means (loosely) “being open to divine, flowing inspiration.” It comes from Welsh Goddess energy of Cerridwen, who made a potion of “poetic inspiration” in her cauldron, which was said to hold the power of transformation and rebirth. I’m not a scholar on this topic, but I like to hear the mysteries and the magic and the ancient folklore of this place.

When Beesly and I got to the sea, I laughed out loud with joy at the sight of the sun. And as we walked, I felt more open than I have in a while. Call it recovering from the flu or call it a divine transformation. I’ll take the latter. I love feeling the power of the Goddess~

Enjoy the photos (no filters, no edits!)

IMG_8568 (1)IMG_8573 (1)IMG_8593IMG_8614



  1. I so love your writings…you are a very special being— so luminous from within. When will you be back ?stateside

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