Flowers are Blooming


It’s spring in Wales, though for this Vermonter, I wouldn’t call the last few months “winter.” I mean, okay, it snowed a few times, but no studded tires needed. And in the town limits of Aberystwyth, no shovels either.

I posted a picture of my dog on Facebook a few days ago and people from home reacted to the tiny flowers surrounding her. “Flowers?!” I know there’s been a lot of snow this year back at home–and by snow I mean children sliding off rooftops into piles of it! There are so many flowers blooming in Aberystwyth right now so I went for a walk with Beesly and took some photos of them.

At the end of a long winter in Vermont, I always appreciated photos of flowers, so this is for my friends on the East Coast of the US (this will happen for you soon!!!):


IMG_E8937IMG_E8948 (1)IMG_E8943IMG_E8941IMG_E8940IMG_E8935IMG_E8939


Kelley xoxo

(I am, however, still wearing my hat.)




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