Observing Love

I take note of what lives here: evergreen, burdock, grass, ramp, fox, fisher, mink, raspberry, woodchuck, black bear, maple tree, coyote, butterfly, bat, rabbit, deer, birch, chipmunk, red squirrel, grey squirrel, mouse, bobcat, dog, goldfinch, bluebird, robin, hawk, owl, jay, hummingbird, bee.

My husband has lived on this land for twenty years. I’ve lived here for two. I notice the things he’s planted and cultivated: striking bee balm, reverent monkshood and the flowering crabapple tree, Weeping Louisa. Can your love for someone increase when you notice what he chooses to plant? Brilliant red, widespread span, broad and bare. My husband reveals himself through the care of weeping trees. This husband, who no longer goes to the office each day since social distancing began, offers the smallest creatures his tender touch: baby chicks, tiny seedlings, little dog. How will I enter this space and what will I contribute? I made a diagram of some ideas. I have a plan. Yes, yes, very good, okay. But first, I need to look, to listen. So much is understood through observation. Cultivation, encouragement. Luscious peonies and blooming lemon trees. Dispassionate engagement. Single-minded purpose. It’s love.

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