mushy peas

IMG_4656I love to walk. It nourishes me. I’m not a hiker or dirt road walker so walking in Vermont wasn’t something I enjoyed because there were no paved roads or sidewalks where I lived. There were no people to interact with along the way. No shops to maybe have a quick look around in. No place to rest and have a coffee. I’m a town walker.


And what a wonderful town I am in now! It has the beauty of the natural world–the seacoast, the mountains, the rolling hills–but it is definitely a large town, with knitting shops and pubs and organic food stores. Yesterday, I walked Beesly along a coastal path and watched the sun set over the water. We went into two bookshops and bought some Italian roast coffee in the supermarket. We walked and walked and walked. The town is hilly and the roads curve this way and that. And, of course, the cars are on the opposite side of the road, so we had to be alert when crossing the little streets.

On the way home, I noticed a restaurant on the corner with a sign out front that read: “We Are A Dog Friendly Pub.” So Beesly sat with me while I had the best fish and chips of my life and a glass of local beer called “Brains.” ( I was offered either peas or mushy peas to go with my meal. I opted for mushy peas after making sure they didn’t have meat in them. They were deliciously strange, full of starch and very filling. I loved them. I might develop an obsession for this ugly little side dish.


Yes, I am in love with my new town.

IMG_4627 (1)


  1. Oh Kelley! What a perfect bunch of posts for me to read today. I am disappointed that we weren’t able to sit together across a couple of glasses of cold Sauv! The time will come somewhere, somehow! In the meantime. you my friend have such courage and vision! You have inspired me! I look forward to all the wonderful things you share about this adventure and I’m sending you so much love! xo

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  2. Oh Kelley! I’ve read each one of these and have an overflowing heart. I’m sad we didn’t get to sit across from one another with a couple glasses of Sauv but your journey! Wow. Such courage and vision you have. This was the perfect day for me to read this. I love you forever! The day will come somewhere when we have that glass! xoxo

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