when you fall in love

It was inevitable, this love. I could have predicted it. I saw it out there in the sea four years ago when I first came to Slovenia. It was the kind of wave that builds slowly, takes its time. You aren't sure what its disposition will be when it finally gets to shore--a potent crash... Continue Reading →

standing in an arsenal

In Celje, we climbed the stairs of the arsenal--walls 3 meters deep. We stood at the top and looked across at the castle, where Veronika somebody and Fredrick somebody did something something. My friends told me the story of star-crossed lovers, but I couldn't concentrate. I was thinking about what it meant to stand in... Continue Reading →


After I went to Prague last month, I began writing prose poems like crazy, inspired by some intangible element I encountered there. But I wanted to write a blog post too. "I want to write a blog post about our trip to Prague," I said to my friend from the Slovenian Literary Council as we sat... Continue Reading →

Approaching April

As April 7th approaches, I anticipate what has become inevitable these last few years: sudden emotional unraveling as I move through spring. It's never the date of his birth in April that that brings up feelings of grief, nor is it the anniversary of his death, one month later in May. No. It's the time in between. It's... Continue Reading →

in my slovenian kitchen

There we were: a biologist, an environmental geographer, a law professor and a writer, in my Ljubljana kitchen, each of us decked out with significant others and/or children. Most of us had met in Washington D.C. last summer at a Fulbright conference and bonded over photographs of the albino cave salamander--the proteus--and glasses of cold... Continue Reading →

encountering: a photo essay at lake bled

We sat at a mountaintop cafe eating walnut bread, drinking hot tea and brandy. "What's this herb called in English?" I asked my Slovenian friend. "There's no translation. You don't have this herb in your country." "Well what's it close to?" "It's not like anything in the U.S. It’s from here. You have to come... Continue Reading →

culture shock

I was mostly alone for two months before I had any friends or family in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I'm living for the year on a Fulbright Grant. At the pre-departure orientation in DC this summer, we were told about the three phases of culture shock when adjusting to living in a new country. Phase one... Continue Reading →

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